Re: CB2 emulation in xpet

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 2005-08-28 21:11:28

> > Is CB2-based sound supported in xpet? It doesn't seem to be.
> > Failing that, how accurate is the CB2-based sound emulation in Bob
> > Fairbairn's PET Emulator (for the 64)?
> If you start up xpet with an 8032/Basic 4 config it makes a friendly
> chirping noise. Isn't that CB2-based sound?

I thought that was the built-in piezo, which is controlled by other lines. I
tried running a program that generated sound under the PET Emulator through
the CB2 bits, and it doesn't make any noise in xpet (except the chirp chirp
chirp when it starts up, so I know that SDL sound is working).

I'm trying to improve on Bob's PET Emulator, so I want to know if its CB2
sound emulation is "authentic." I was hoping xpet could be used as a point
of comparison.

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