RE: Please help with Catweasel Reed-Contact

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (
Date: 2005-08-18 15:05:45

> >> I just did some googleing and I found the following: Infineon 
> >> TLE4945-2G. I don't know how expensive this device is, but 
> it gives a 
> >> digial output signal, probably just what you need. You can easily
> >> find
> >> the datasheet and see how to connect it, at
> >>
> >> Gideon
> >>
> >
> > A digital output signal is just what I *don't* need, because I have
> > to yet
> > replace a photo-transistor, (or was it a photo-diode), remember?
> Are you sure you *don't* want the digital signal? I would be very  
> much surprised if there was some analogue circuitry involved behind  
> the index hole sensor in your drive... Please recheck this or... you  
> may just lack enough background and are mixing the ideas.

True. I have implemented a PC compatible Floppy Disk Controller in VHDL
once and the index pulse is certainly digital only. It is just used as a
trigger to start writing the sectors on a track (in a PC environment). I
am not sure how commodore floppies are formatted, but it could very well
be that the index pulse is used in a similar way. In any case, the index
pulse is 100% digital.


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