Re: Fett OT

From: Christian Johansson (
Date: 2005-07-18 19:41:35

Groepaz skrev:
> On Monday 18 July 2005 19:01, Cameron Kaiser wrote:
>>>>I can add that the word "fett" is also used in youth speak in Sweden
>>>>and it means the same as in youth speak in Germany. Btw, I wonder which
>>>>country this meaning of "Fett/fett/fedt" originates from.
>>>Well, "fett" in German is "fat" in English. Thus, I suspect it
>>>originates from Germany, but I am not sure.
>>Over here we might say "phat" (note spelling) for something that's cool, so
>>it's in English too (at least American English, anyway).
> afaik thats the american rap lyrics

Ok. I should have guessed. Everything comes from the U.S.


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