Re: Verkantet in English

From: Anders Carlsson (
Date: 2005-07-18 12:27:57

Ullrich wrote:

> "broken" is not a floppy error either, but it can be used to
> describe a floppy drive problem.

Maybe it is an error if you accidentaly break the circuit board in half.
It happened to me with a Commodore monitor which I had opened and then the
lower half fell out of place.

Since the topic was about a 1581 drive with its head stuck, it may
actually be possible to break the hard covered disk just as well. If it
had been a 5.25" drive, one may need to put the floppy in the freezer to
properly break it. :)

It doesn't matter so much, if everyone on the list understand what was the
problem with Spiro's drive and how he fixed it thanks to Ray's directions.
We can say that the R/W head was xyzzied, whatever that becomes in German.

Anders Carlsson

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