Re: Nibblecopys / Burstcopys for archvieving?

From: Groepaz (
Date: 2005-06-21 20:47:38

On Tuesday 21 June 2005 19:03, Steppe wrote:
> >>Would the ZipCode SixPack qualify?  It uses the file prefix
> >>1!!, 2!!, 3!!, 4!!, 5!!, and 6!!.
> >
> > sixpack is gcr, should be perfect :)
> AFAIK Sixpack (available on the Zipcode v2.0 collection, FYI) by far
> doesn't catch all the weird protections out there. I tried archiving my
> originals with it, but upon writing them back surely over 50% didn't
> work anymore, and similar results were achieved with G64 files I
> generated from the sixpacked files.
> MNIB (the official version) is said to catch 70% of all protections, and
> Pete's improved version is even better than that. Don't take my numbers
> as chiseled in stone, though, these are more or less just guesses, not
> based on real scientific counts.  ;-)

that still doesnt mean that zipcode couldnt qualify as a fileformat to save 
gcr info (which was the original question iirc). everybody knows (i thought) 
that the original sixpack application doesnt really handle any advanced 
protections - but that doesnt mean some other app couldnt (and produce a 
sixpack file)


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