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From: Patrycjusz R. Łogiewa (
Date: 2005-06-17 15:15:58

On 2005-06-17, at 14:23, MagerValp wrote:

>>>>>> "ST" == Spiro Trikaliotis <> writes:
> WL> When floppy drives are shipped, they should have a floppy disk (or
> WL> equivalent retainer) latched in the drive, as it would be when in
> WL> use. This protects the mechanism from rough handling.
> ST> I knew this from 5 1/4" mechanics - that special paperback insert
> ST> which tries to keep the heads on track 1 (or 0) - but I've never
> ST> seen such a thing for a 3 1/2" drive, thus, I thought these were
> ST> not necessary there.
> IIRC, when I got my A500 in 1989, it came with a 2-3mm thick cardboard
> insert in the floppy drive. At least that's where I think that insert
> came from...

I tend to believe that it must have been from something else ;-)

Frankly - literally thousands A500s passed through my place and as  
well as a number of other machines earlier and later on. I have to  
admit that I have never, ever seen a single "head protector" for a  
3.5" drive. Yes. I've seen many drives transported with diskettes in  
them, which I always considered to be wrongdoing anyway.

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