Commented DOS1 ROM Listing

From: fachat (
Date: 2005-05-15 21:07:44

Hi all,

as I have carelessly mentioned I have prepared a commented
DOS V1 ROM disassembly. (I did not create the comments myself,
I copied them from the 4040 DOS V2 source code by pattern matching)

Please see at
and comment.

As far as I can see I'm done with it, although I have not
managed to completely match all code. (I mostly did a syntactical
pattern matching, not necessarily a semantic pattern matching).

I tried to comment the controller code that is copied for format,
but was successful. Even comparing it with the code in the DOS V2
controller code did not reveal anything useful, it was too

Esp. the code to compute gap lengths between header and block
was not there :-)

BTW. Anyone has a DOS V1 disk drive (2040) so we could read
out the missing controller code (the 6530 ROM)? It should be easy
to create a small readout-program then.


P.S. I had to patch up the "recomment" utility for that.
I'm going to upload everything after a review period :-)

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