Re: Question about writing to 1541

From: Patrycjusz R. Łogiewa (
Date: 2005-05-05 19:11:09

On 2005-05-05, at 08:45, Greg King wrote:


>> The ROM formatter does it correctly -- it is the ROM "write block" job
>> routine that does it wrong. :-(
> Those comments suggest a possible answer to the original question:
> Maybe, the original "sector write" routine ended with the same code 
> that
> the formatter routine still has.  But then, maybe, CBM's engineers 
> noticed
> that the end of a sector sometimes would overlap the beginning of the 
> next
> sector far enough to confuse the drive's attempt to syncronize to that 
> next
> sector.

Hm, isn't the "tail gap" provided just for that particular purpose?

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