Re: mmu for 65c02

From: Jim Brain (
Date: 2005-04-27 13:56:48

fachat wrote:

>On Tue, Apr 26, 2005 at 11:17:53PM -0500, Jim Brain wrote:
>>The only thing I think of doing is to stretch the cycle during a page 
>>fault to the maximum allowed and use another processor to do something 
>>during the time you have.  Or, if the processor is static, simply stop 
>>the CPU and use another to map the page in. 
>Yes, I think this is the only way. Only for the 6502 you have to queue
>the write accesses as they cannot be stretched, right?
Hmm, I was not aware writes could not be stretched, but others may have 
more information.  The C128 stretches all 2MHz cycles back to 1MHz when 
dealing with 1MHz ICs, no?  Of course, there are limits to how long you 
can stretch a NMOS cycle.


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