RE: mmu for 65c02

From: Gideon Zweijtzer (
Date: 2005-04-22 20:53:37

> > 
> > I think Gabor was talking about an emulated system, in 
> which you can 
> > do anything you want IMHO.
> Yes, I was talking about emulation, but also plans for the 
> FUTURE to have a "real" hardware, so it's not an easy question :)
> > Gideon
> Hmmm, your nama remebers me a CPU plan which has got a 
> register also called "Gideon's register" :)
> - Gábor

Hi Gabor,

Yes you are right!  It's the 32-bit RISC 6502 compatible I am making.
Actually, the CPU itself is almost done (it has been for a while now :);
it is the I/O that is taking me more time than I expected. Quite some
things seem to run alright in simulation; I haven't tried it on the real
hardware as of yet, because of the I/O functions that I still need to
make. As a matter of fact, I have taken the board that I made two years
ago off the shelf and blew the dust off, and it is running inside a C=64
now, with an 8-bit 6502 CPU that I made in VHDL even longer ago. If you
want, you could use that platform to do the MMU thing that you
invented... Or have a bit of patience and use the MMU of the GZ032. In
that MMU you can also control the caching for each page (and address
more than just 16MB).


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