RE: Question about writing to 1541

From: Baltissen, GJPAA (Ruud) (
Date: 2005-04-22 09:43:01

Hallo Spiro,

> Now, the format routine handles the same (writing a block to disk) a
> little bit differently:
> .8:fd1e   50 FE      BVC $FD1E    ; make sure the last byte is written
> .8:fd20   B8         CLV
> .8:fd21   50 FE      BVC $FD21    ; write another (!) byte to disk
> .8:fd23   B8         CLV
> .8:fd24   20 00 FE   JSR $FE00    ; set read mode and data 
> port as input

The actual formating of the track starts at $FCAE with writing 10240 times
$55. This is more then enough to write the complete track. Then a loop
starts at $FCB1. This loop handles writing a sector including its header.
The loop itself goes as far as $FD1C. The last part of the loop is writing a
number of $55's to the disk. This number depends on the number of tracks and
is calculated at $FC17. 
Only after ALL sectors have been written, your part shows up by writing two
extra $55's after the last $55's written by the loop. This bit of code isn't
used anywhere else, certainly it is not used for writing a block to disk as
you say. 

The only reason these $55 bytes are there is to give the drive time to
switch from read- to write-mode (or vica versa) if needed, nothing else. So
why these extra two bytes are written, I don't know; I don't see any
advantage in doing so. 

I hope this helped :)

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