Re: CP/M, 64C, C64

From: MagerValp (
Date: 2005-04-14 13:48:54

>>>>> "GH" == Glenn Holmer <> writes:

GH> I picked up a CP/M cartridge on eBay, but was disappointed to find
GH> that it seemed broken when I put it to my 64C (screen corruption,
GH> etc.). But just on a whim, I switched out the 64C for a C64, and
GH> the cartridge works beautifully. Are there any differences between
GH> the two that might cause this? I am using a heavy duty power
GH> supply (the kind that came with the REU), and the 64C works
GH> beautifully with everything else (including SuperCPU).

The C64 CP/M cartridge is notoriously picky, and doesn't work properly
on many C64s. More details from Bil Herd can be found in the Commodore
Knowledge Base:

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