Re: Magic Voice Schematics

From: Grósz Attila (
Date: 2005-04-06 15:56:16

Hi there,

> Attach it as Ultimax first, and set some sort of
watchpoints or 
> breakpoints

I have made an Ultimax CRT from the ROM dump with Markus
Brenner's MCRT program but I'm afraid it won't work as the
16 kb Ultimax cartridge maps its lo ROM at $8000 and not
$A000 as the MV.

Will have another look at it when I'm home.

> It should probably write to some onboard bank selection
> short before
> crashing.  Then implement that bank selection register.

Watching at the disassembly, I think the bank selection
register is at $df86 while the MV's TIA is accessed thru
$df80-$df87. So both the speech chip and the bank selection
are accessed via the TIA. These are the first impressions
only though. Guess I have to take another look at the 6525
data sheets as well...
> Sorry, I'm too busy to have a look at the schematic diagram.

Np ;-) I'm busy as well.

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