Re: New draft version of o65 file format

From: Gabor Lenart (
Date: 2005-03-29 09:37:04


Nice. However I've got an idea.

The method .o65 format encodes the CPU "platform" the object code /
executable was created for is very limited. I mean, the .o65 format _is_
suitable for other CPUs as well, for example I'm using if for Z80 CPU as
well. It has got 64K address space as well, and it's a 8 bit CPU, so from
the point view of the o65 format there is no much difference. OK, there is
no zero page: so I simply not using any feature related to to zero page. The
problem is that specifying CPU type in .o65 format is quite poor, I can
declare that this code require 65816 or 6502 and that's all. However even
for the 65xx family there're more CPUs should be nice to specify, and what
about other CPU families like Zilog? Sure, I can introduce another "optinal
options" for this, but I would be happy if there would be an OFFICIAL way to
do this announced by the format creator as well :)

thanx in advance,

- Gabor

On Tue, Mar 29, 2005 at 01:35:21AM +0200, fachat wrote:
> Hi all,
> after a long time I have found some time to prepare a new version of the 
> o65 file format specifications. It contains some small changes that were
> lingering in my inbox for quite a while, and some more and improved
> explanations. Also a link to a simple loader implementation in 6502
> assembler is now there.
> Especially Uz and Spiro, please check.
> Please see a draft at
> (please do not distribute the URL, it will be only temporary, before
> it is moved to my 6502 stuff at
> Have fun
> André
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- Gábor

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