SuperPET doesn´t load any Waterloo-Language

From: Rüdiger Schuldes (
Date: 2005-03-15 19:07:44


first I would like to greet you all! I am a newbe here. My name is 
Ruediger Schuldes and I am a german collector of Commodore items. The 
address of my Website is I hope you answer me 
despite my bad English.
But now to my problem. I have a SuperPET, which hangs up each time I try 
to load one of the Waterloo-languages. Even sometimes it happens that 
the screen is blanking and a whistling sound comes out of the computer.
It is one the "3-deckered" SuperPETs with 4 switches. As additional ROMs 
are inserted "SM-KIT B" ($9000) and "PAICS" ($A000).
The 32kB main memory of the computer (8032) is perfectly working, 
likewise the 4kB additional memory, which one can switch on at $9000.
The positions of the switches are:
UD11 off
What could be wrong or broken? I am very grateful for each assistance!

Best regards


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