Omega Race uncartridged! (vic20)

From: Daniel Kahlin (
Date: 2005-03-14 10:59:24

Hi everyone,

I just uncartridged Omega-Race, it will now run on 8Kb ram expansion.
(without the cartridge ofcourse) While I was at it I added a fix for
centering the screen correctly on both PAL and NTSC.

Please try it out and report if it works ok. I played it for a while,
but you never know.
Technically this involved relocating the code from $A000 to $2000.
Although I did this in VICE, I used only HESMON (1.1) + 16Kb mem as
tools. It took more effort than I initially expected, most of which
was unfortunately due to rusty 6502 knowledge.

If anyone is interested the details are here:


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