Re: More questions from a newbie

From: ken ross (
Date: 2005-03-08 21:36:00

not being a PC owner  ~  i'm comparing my amiga A500+ to the first stage here ,

this is  my methods

my 8296 has  gone to a new home a few months ago ( domestics )  , but it's
an 8000  with fancy casing ,
it seems that star commander is a tried & tested  solution amongst PC types ,
the cable from that ends in a  standard 6 pin din  that gets plugged into a
C64 drive,

on my amiga i use  ami-64link   that also has a cable  that ends same way ,
then i can access  & transfer stuff to & from the C64 floppy drive quite
happily to & from the amiga .

on my 8096 alligator  in service i've got a sipod cable  ,
the cable plugs into user port and ends in a 6 pin din ~  the sipod prg
turns the 8000 into an interface box  to enable the C64/128 to use the 8x50
drives etc .

just a matter of  connecting the 2 cables via a jumper box or unpowered 1541 ,

2/   big blue reader   ~ 1581/FD-2000   then onto the C128D's internal 1571
, then that disk into my 4040 drive ,

jordi ~ posted VCD's off to you today ,
i'm hoping to get  the backlog of disk copying & shifting started later
this week ,
( domestics permitting )


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