Re: More questions from a newbie

From: Marko Mäkelä (
Date: 2005-03-08 19:18:10

Hi Jordi,

> However, I've not solved yet the transfer PC->8296. Thus:
> - What do you think of the 64HDD system? Will it work on the 8296?
> I guess so, provided a 1541 or 1541-II could be used with the 8296.
> Is it possible?

I don't think that this would make much sense.  You'd need to type in
a driver (perhaps program one yourself) that allows the PET to speak
the serial bus protocol.  There are some projects that make a PC
emulate IEEE-488 peripherals, see below.

> - What about the following system:
>  Program for the CBM 8296 in the PC -> program in a tape image (such that
>  this tape image format corresponds to some format readable in a 8296) ->(*)
>  (*)-> Tape image in .wav format that can be recorded in a real tape ->
>  -> program in the 8296 from tape.
>  Is this possible? What software could be used in the (*) step?

Convert the program file to a high-level Commodore tape image with cbmconvert
and then the high-level tape image to low-level tape image (*.tap) or
PCM audio (*.wav) with c2n.  I've tried this when I developed the c2n
program, although the main use of c2n is to be an interface for the tape
functions of the C2N232.

Please read or
for a complete list of options.  Feel free to correct me if I have missed


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