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From: CPULoyal (
Date: 2005-02-18 17:23:58

At 02:35 p.m. 15/02/2005, you wrote:
>The pens are located on the most right position in the plotter while, 
>according to the video I saw, they should be on the left side.

The left side is the normal parking position when the plotter is off. They 
move completely to the right side when is turned on and the 'Pen Change' 
button is pressed.

>When I turn on the device, the pens move a little and seems they actually 
>are drawing boxes, but the pen color doesn't change at all and the 
>carriage with the pens is stuck on that position.

    If the same happens when you press the 'Color Change' button then you 
might have a mechanical problem. The little plastic gears that the plotter 
uses could be broken and get loose enough to not move neither the printer 
head or the paper. The cracks are sometimes tiny and hard to spot.
    I found that the couple of gears used with the metallic rod at the rear 
are the ones that drive the mechanism. The right gear moves the plotter 
head and the left gear the paper feed. When I bought my first second hand 
plotter, it worked without problems, until I made the mistake of manually 
moving the plotter head. That broke the right gear, but the only thing I 
noticed was that I lost color change. Then, after I used a magnifying glass 
I was able to see a tiny crack on the gear. I carefully removed it and used 
glue to repair it, because I could find a new replacement. That did it and 
my plotter works again.

>Does anyone know where could I find an user manual and/or a service 
>manual, in electronic format, for this plotter?

I found that the mechanism used by the 1520 plotter is the same used by the 
Atari 1020 plotter. I don't have the service manual, but if you don't find 
the 1520's, maybe the 1020's could be used.

                 Rodolfo Leal

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