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From: Jim Yopat (
Date: 2005-02-10 12:42:45

The reason I'm asking is because I'm working on a C64 Emulator. I have my 6510 cpu core and drawing functions created, I just need to know how each raster line is drawn.

So what your saying is the first 63 cycles that make up a raster line are not the start of the display screen? That there is a buffer (this must be the vblank and hblank?) were nothing is drawn because of the starting offset of the display screen in both the X and Y positions? What about the tables in section 3.6.1. The very last table says this: no Bad Line, sprites 2-7 active in this line, sprites 0-4 in the next line (abbreviated)

Do you what he means when he says that sprites 2-7 are active this line and sprites 0-4 the next line? Looking at the table you can see sprite 3-7 are to the left of the screen (look at: Graph. in the table) while sprite 0-2 are to the right. I'm not seeing how he came up with this and what he even means by it. I would think all sprites are drawn each scanline the VIC is activated. Unless the screen is partly drawn within 2 sets of 63 cycles. Were the first 63 cycles draws part of the screen and the next 63 cycles draws the rest of it (like interlaced mode). I wonder if that's what he means.

You wouldn't know the authors (Christian Bauer) email address by any chance would you? Or any of these guys associated with the article: Marko Mäkelä, Andreas Boose, Pasi Ojala and Wolfgang Lorenz

Thanks for your help

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