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Date: 2005-01-29 04:41:10

Hi Dennis,

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> Subject: Questions about SFD-1001 and IEEE Flash!
> I am in the process of putting together some eBay auctions for some old
> Commodore items that I have had stashed away.  If anyone can help answer
> the following questions, I would greatly appreciate it.
> 1.  Is it normal for an SFD-1001 to flash the LED if you turn it on when
> it's not connected to the computer?

Do you mean it flashes once and then stops, or is it flashing in some sort
of sequence?
Mine flashes once and then goes off, that is normal. If there is a flashing
sequence then it means there is a fault and the led is
displaying the fault code.

> 2.  Can a SFD-1001 be connected directly to the Commodore 128's IEE-488
> port with the proper cable?  I am trying to decide if I should sell my
> SFD-1001 and my IEEE Flash! together or separately.  I need to determine
> how likely it will be that someone purchasing the 1001 will also need
> the IEEE Flash!

The Commodore 128 does not have an IEEE port. I think your confusing the
Userport connector on the C128 with the IEEE connector on the PET, although
they look the same they have completely different functionality. So anyone
with a Vic 20, C64 or C128 will need an appropriate interface adaptor.

> 3.  I have lost the manual for the IEEE Flash! which was a major
> mistake.  The IEEE Flash! has this white jumper wire that you have to
> clip to one of the resistors inside the computer.  I can't remember
> which one!  Is there a place I can order another manual or does someone
> have a copy that they have posted online?

That I cant help you with, sorry. Have you checked the project64 website ?
It contains alot of manuals for downloading.


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