Re: CBM 8050 with C=64?

From: Peter Karlsson (
Date: 2005-01-21 21:32:46

> Is it possible to exchange data on cassette between a C=64 and a PET?

It should work okay. The CPU frequencies aren't equal, so there's a slight 
chance for errors, but it should be close enough not to cause a problem. 
I've done that without much trouble (the problems I had was that the datasette 
I used for it was really bad :) ).

I did read in an old magazine that it was harder to exchange data via tape 
between the VIC-20 and C64 because of the different CPU frequencies. The PET 
was in the middle, though, so if you used it as an intermediate, it would 
most often work on both machines. Question was of course how many people 
actually had all three kind of machines...

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