figFORTH for CBM -- figFORTH docs?

From: Rich (
Date: 2005-01-02 03:39:15

I'm getting closer to having a ROM for a CBM FORTH system.  I've got
this implementation of figFORTH:

;    Translated from the FIG model by W.F. Ragsdale with input-
;    output given for the Rockwell System-65.

I've isolated the parts that call into the Rockwell ROM to be replaced
with equivalent CBM ROM routine calls.  I've identified places where
attempts are made to write to code RAM insted of data RAM to be
replaced with equivalent code that does not attempt to write the ROM
area.  I've setup a development environment that consists of MS VS.NET
for an IDE using a C++ utility project with a custom build step to run
the 6502 assembler.  I've got WinVICE running on my PC and it looks
like I can attach a file to a ROM socket, so I can do all testing on
the PC with WinVICE set for a CBM 8032.

However, I've gone through my FORTH references and apparently I don't
have anything that documents the figFORTH model.  Any suggestions?
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