Re: FORTH in ROM for CBM 8032?

From: Leif Bloomquist (
Date: 2004-12-29 22:49:29

From: Rich

 >> > [...] So PETs always load as a C64 would with ",8,1".
 > I don't really understand what those numbers mean.  Are they explained
 > somewhere?
 > Remember I've never owned/programmed a VIC-20 or C=64.

It's pretty straight-forward.

LOAD"...",8 means load the program from disk (#8) but override the 
starting address in the file and load it as a BASIC program (i.e. to 
$0801 on the C64).  Useful because the VIC20 and C64 have different 
BASIC start addresses, but their BASIC programs are largely compatible. 
  In fact, BASIC on the VIC20 is in a different location depending on 
how much RAM expansion there is, so this override was needed.

LOAD"...",8,1 means to similarly load the program from disk, but load it 
at the address it was originally saved from.  Used for machine language 
programs, or BASIC programs that you were sure were saved on the same 

So the upshot is, a BASIC program written/saved on a C64 or VIC20 will 
always load into a strange address on a PET, because BASIC is in 
different locations.  Unless, the file is modified to change the 
starting address.

(I'm coming at this the other way - I was weaned on the VIC20/C64 and 
only recently got a PET and am learning my way around them.)


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