Re: FORTH in ROM for CBM 8032?

From: ken ross (
Date: 2004-12-28 22:40:32

>qouth andre
>Assembly files are loaded anywhere into memory where it start address
>says. In fact all files in the PET always load to their designated
>start address as given in the file on disk.
>Only that BASIC code has this special start address
>$0401. So PETs always load as a C64 would with ",8,1".

>I guess Commodore changed that default behaviour (",8" loads to default
>BASIC start address) when the newer machines (VIC20, C64), got a
>different memory map.

i feel that may be unclear to an 8000 newbie if i read this thread right?,
 load "filename",8  will search for  file on drive 0 then look for it on 1 ,
using  the C64 format of 8,1  leads  nowhere useful  on an 8000 .
to put it in simple terms


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