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Date: 1999-08-20 06:07:16

CB>I would have to disagree with you there.  I feel the old tape units have a
CB>place, not just in the later 8 bit systems, but the older systems too.  As
CB>"computer people" we can not forget our heritage.  Try to find a college cla
CB>in Assembly Language for any machine.  There are many self taught people who
CB>have mastered many a "lost art" on an older machine.  It's not the speed,
CB>quality, or relevance of the perticular piece of hardware that makes it
CB>valueable, it's what you can learn from it, and what you can make it do that
CB>makes it special.  Heck, I really do feel from using most of the different
CB>drives that were made for the CBM machines, and my favorites were the 8250, 
CB>SFD1001. (designed for the PET)  Would I use a 1541 or 1540 as a doorstop
CB>because I like them better, I think not (and I feel there are many that agre
CB>with me.)

CB>(just my 2 Cents)

I was making a joke. You are rigth dattasettes are a very versitile
storage device. They can hold as much data per side on a C-60 cassette
as a 1541 disk can and even more on longer tapes. And they have much
lower power consumption which is important if you are running your
system off of batteries. They are also on the slow side and files are
not as easy to find and access(things like Turbo-tape help) which is why
they don't get as much use after you get a disk drive.

CB> wrote:

CB>> Datassettes, after one gets a 1541, are commonly refered to as door
CB>> stops or paper weights.
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