Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1999-08-16 22:19:16

On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> I wouldn't be so sure that the spindle motor is still okay. Did you try
> to exchange the spindle motor control PCBs between the two drives?

I'm pretty certain that it's got a faulty component somewhere. As I said,
a completely different mech with its own controller board works just fine.

> I had a spindle motor problem on a 8250, the control transistor was
> running hot and the drive wouldn't come up to full speed. It was a
> spindle motor problem, opening the motor and cleaning the contacts
> helped. Obviously carbon residue was sitting between the contacts and
> causing some sort of short circuit.

There's a big fat DIP on the control board. Wonder if that's bad? I guess
it controls the hall-effect that makes the thing spin, or something.


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