Re: SFD-1001

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-08-16 15:16:06

Marko Mäkelä wrote:
> On Mon, 16 Aug 1999, Oravecz Laszlo wrote:
> > Some weeks ago my friend give me a Commodore SFD-1001 floppy drive, but he
> > lost the
> > CBM<->SFD cable.  Where can I found some info this cable?
> Isn't it a standard IEEE-488 cable with female 24-pin Centronics
> connectors in both devices?  IEEE-488 cables usually have two-sided
> connectors (male and female) on both ends, so you can chain the cables
> easily (no need for two connectors on the devices themselves, like in
> serial bus disk drives).  But I think that a cable with male 24-pin
> Centronics on both ends should do fine.  Just connect all wires straight
> (pin 1 to pin 1 and so on).

Most PETs (all non-SK, I think) and most C64 IEEE488 interface
cartridges use 24 pin card edge connectors for the cable. They look like
the userport, but the coding is different so you can't plug the cable
onto the wrong port. I recently built one of those myself, and the
connections are straight through as well: Connect pins 1 to 12 of the
Centronics plug to pins 1 to 12 of the Userport plug and pins 13 to 24
(Centronics) to pins A to N (Userport).

> BTW, 24-pin Centronics connectors are not so rare as I thought.  I got one
> (for the user port of my 8032-SK) for 25 FIM (8 DM, 5 USD) in the local
> electronics store.  Okay, that particular store also has radio tubes, but
> on the other hand, one time they didn't have any MC 6821 PIAs, and the
> clerk didn't even know what the chip is!

Of course I agree that 24 pin Centronics connectors are readily
available, but they are all equipped with the printer port like locking
mechanism. The IEEE488 type with the locking screws is just not
available for do-it-yourself, they seem to prefer to keep this market
for high-priced lab equipment. No wonder Commodore quit using this
interface for their homecomputers.

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