Re: CBM Drive Mechanisms

From: Geoff Oltmans (
Date: 1999-08-15 18:14:59

On Sun, 15 Aug 1999, William Levak wrote:

> >From SAMS Computerfacts for the 1571
> (A) Check connector CN7 for good connections.
> (B) Check for 12V at pin 2 of Connector CN7, if 12V is missing check power
>     supply.
> (C) if 12V is present, connect a jumper from pin 3 of CN7 to ground.  The 
>     should start running.  If motor does not start running, check Motor
>     Control Board. If motor does start running, check the main board.
> In addition you should clean off all corrosion, and clean off any dirt on
> the circuit boards and drive mechanism with isopropyl alcohol.  Check that
> the spindle motor spins freely with the power off. 

I guess I should have been a little more specific in my original post. I
have isolated the problem to the spindle motor control board, since: A. an
exact replacement mech works just fine in the machine. B. Spindle bearings
are free with no excessive play. You CAN get the drive motor to spin if
you give it a bit of a push-start by hand, but 9 out of 10 times the thing
won't start on its own.


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