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From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-08-08 17:08:15

On Sun, 8 Aug 1999, Graham Vassie wrote:

> FAO Richard Atkinson

Eh? Why me?!?

> I had a Vic 20 years ago when I was a kid. 
> A friend of mine and I programmed a version of the arcade game Q*Bert 
> he did the coding I did the sound and graphics. 
> I have a copy on tape only, and haven't owned a Vic for years.
> Is there any way to transfer this to the PC for posting to the net. 

The enhanced X1541 cable with datassette support. I have made one, but
found out the other day I have to resolder the READ and WRITE lines as I
got them the wrong way round. D'oh!

> It was a great version of the game and ran of 16K expanded 
> It would be a great shame for this title to be lost, I seen the versions released officially for the Vic 
> they are poor in comparison. 
> Also I have a whole tape of pictures that were created using the keyboard graphics of the vic, I think 
> they are also worth saving. 
> Any help in this matter would be appreciated. 

Send the cassettes to my college address in Cambridge and I'll do the
transfers for you. I am about to do a tape transfer of 'Music Maker II', a
version of the SFX keyboard overlay program for the SID chip with Sound
Expander support. This means you can edit SID sounds and play them using
the 5 octave keyboard of the Sound Expander.

I'll upload the .TAP file onto funet so you can see the results of my
transfer setup.


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