Re: Musings of tinkering hands...

From: Bo Zimmerman (
Date: 1999-08-07 05:10:03

>> The chips in sockets UD11 and UD12 could be anything. Some PET software
>> required a ROM in these sockets and the switches are a way of turning
>> them on and off. Also, when SuperPETs were shipped from the factory, they
>> had ROMs in these sockets. These ROMs had no function that I could find.
>> In fact, all the ROMs that I saw were actually obselete ROMs, apparently
>> placed in the sockets for test purposes, and simply left there. Look
>> carefully at these ROMs. You may have some rare version of an old ROM.
> Next time I am at my storage unit I'll try to remmeber to take a look...

  Please do so.  I've read somewhere that these are perhaps just old ROM
chips, and serve no purpose at all.  This would seem to jibe with what I
saw, as the chips in mine had the same numbers as my BASIC/KERNAL ROM

    - Bo

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