Plus/4 Jump table

From: Ramses v. Pinxteren (
Date: 1999-07-31 20:18:58


After fooling around in ML for a while on the Plus/4, I wonder if the
kernal routines on the Plus/4 are identical called as the routines on
the 64 with the same name. The exact funxction is always different, but
CINT on the plus/4 initiazes the screen editor, and the CINT on the C64

To make it breef, I am looking for a table which include: 
-Function name
-Communication registers (Register to be set, before calling this
-Prepatory routines (Routines to call before this one)
-errors returned
-Stack requirements
-registers affected.

And if possible, also a small example ;-)

Does any one has it on file? Or on hardcopy and a scanner available? I
would be very gratefull.

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