Re: Crackers take note...

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-07-30 22:08:15

Richard Atkinson wrote:
> I'll put a normal version of the disk on funet in a few days time along

Before uploading the new copy, try this patch on it and test it: Go to
block 26,1 (first block of the file "-----------", last in the
directory) and change both bytes at offset $23 and $2A from $AC to $AE.
This should get rid of the protection completely. Now it doesn't check
for 22 read error anymore but now for 00 OK ;-)

> the PC to a tape drive or a C64's tape port. (in fact it's a cheat - my
> scheme uses the C64 to power the datassette, with a quick POKE0,7 to be
> sure of turning the motor on and all the other ports to input)

Yes, I'm using a similar setup. I have the PC in parallel to the C64
tape port, so I can read a tape from either the PC or the C64. Currently
I can only record from the C64, the PC write line is not connected. For
loading a TAP into the C64 I have to use another connection.


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