Re: Crackers take note...

From: Nicolas Welte (
Date: 1999-07-30 17:48:56

Nicolas Welte wrote:
> So just creating a 22 read error on each copy seems to be the most
> straightforward solution. I didn't manage to make it run so far under
> any of the emulators PC64, CCS64 and VICE. Looks like they don't obey
> error information in a D64 file. Is this possible? Maybe I'm gonna check
> it on a real C64 with a real 1541 drive.

Hey, noone else on the list? I'm tired of replying to myself ;-) Just
had success with PC64. It's the only emulator that can make use of the
error info in a disk image, but _only_ if it is a 35 track image.

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