I/O line usage database

From: Richard Atkinson (rga24_at_hermes.cam.ac.uk)
Date: 1999-07-29 18:32:25

It occurred to me that there's no online reference for which C64 add-ons
use which I/O spaces. Therefore I am going to start one. Please send
details of any hardware add-ons you are familiar with, whether by
Commodore or third parties, either to the list to to me personally.  
Include which of the I/O lines they use and if possible, which addresses
within that space the software uses. If you *really* know the hardware,
you might be able to say what the decoding circuitry inside the box does.
For example, the SFX Sound Expander uses a different set of addresses
within DFxx for reads compared with writes, and there are certain areas
that should not be read from at all due to bus contention issues.

Devices I need details for include:

CP/M cartridge
Magic Voice
Freezer cartridges
SID cartridges
MIDI cartridges
That modem ;)
CMD stuff (maybe)
'Large' game cartridges (that use an octal latch for A20 - A13)
RS232 cartridges

Anything else?

I'll produce a sample document detailing the Sound Expander if anyone's
unsure of what I mean.


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