Re: SFX Sound Sampler

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-07-29 12:12:20

On Wed, 28 Jul 1999, Nicolas Welte wrote:

> > image, but I find that very unsatisfactory. I've seen a schematic for
> > adding datassette support to the X1541 cable, so how does that work?
> In my experience the hardware it is a real mess, but once it works it is
> quite nice. There are two programs that can sample the tape data, one is
> TAPLOAD by Richard Storer and the other one is MTAP by Markus Brenner.
> Both generate TAP files, which are more or less compressed 1 bit samples
> of the tape data. After having TAPed the tape ;-) you can use some other
> programs to extract the raw binary data from it. You can also record the
> TAP back to tape (PTAP by Markus Brenner) or you can use PTAP to play
> the data directly into the tape port of the C64. But the last option is
> currently just an experiment of mine, it needs the signals inverted in
> hardware. There is likely to be a new version of PTAP that will support
> this option sometimes.

Hurry up with it ;)

Where is this software that converts the .TAPs into binaries? (.PRGs I

I made some first steps at discovering the software interface of the Sound
Sampler, and it turns out that all write accesses to the DFxx area load
the DAC register. This makes it incompatible with the Sound Expander as
that writes to the FM chip as well. I tried this by listening to the audio
output of the Sound Sampler while playing a demo tune on the Sound
Expander software, and you could hear the clicks coming from the DAC in
time with the music as different values were loaded into the FM chip!

It might be possible to 'add' compatibility between the two by using A6 as
an additional chip select, but this really depends on the Sound Sampler's
'official' software interface. Does anyone have any documentation on this?


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