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From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1999-07-23 19:29:21

>    Well said.  Personally, I sympathized with the comments Doug Cotton made
> in the article about his graphics programming.  Here at work I can whip up
> some MFC socket-based server (what I'm doing at the moment), and never have
> to worry about how memory is mapped, the cost in processing time between one
> algorithm or another (readability is job 1), or pretty much ANYTHING about
> the hardware beyond the fact that some Windows kernal is running on it.  But
> I write a dinky GUI app in GEOS and suddenly the world is somehow both
> smaller and larger at once.  Smaller in the sense of resources, but larger
> in the sense of all that's added in the way of concerns to the project.
> Programming on a C64 is WORK!  But then the familiarity of a platform thats
> been unchanged for 17 years clicks in; the C64 is a platform one can
> reasonably and practically *KNOW*, down to the byte, down to the twitch of
> some raster interrupt, and suddenly you realize that the intimate knowledge
> only possible on small platforms is both a power and a pleasure unmatched on
> todays big monsters....

Just had to tell that it's exactly what I feel concerning this subject.

Maybe I'd have to learn object oriented environments a bit better. But
currently, I simply can't cope with systems like Delphi, either because
they're too far from the hardware and have too much, simply
unidentifiable features. When I program on C=, be any platform (but
mainly in asm), I feel like the computer is just in my hands. Even
programming in plain C or Pascal on PC helps me getting done a job
easier than trying to do so in a fancy, surely full featured, OOP

It's strange, but I'd get a lot of things done easier on even an 1kword
capacity, cripple command set PIC microcontroller. Maybe it's because
this is the real opposition to those monstrums - and I'm actually closer
to this end...


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