Re: 4464's on the hoof

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-07-22 21:25:35

On Thu, 22 Jul 1999, Cameron Kaiser wrote:

> Downstairs they're preparing our old SEQUEL data switch for demolition.
> On examining the boards, they're 80186 (!) boards with, of all things,
> a smattering of 4464 RAM. Which units are these used in? If I can make use
> of these old crusty things, I plan to scavenge them.

Get them all, especially if they're socketed. 4464s (41464s) are used in
64K C16 upgrades, 64K C128 VDC upgrades, 64K Atari 600XL upgrades and no
doubt more. And they're also useful as replacement ROMs in Tandy Color
Computer 3s. They belong to the 256kbit era - the same density as 41256
DRAMs used in the 16 bit home computers (pre-A500plus) - but they are
largely pin-compatible upgrades for 4416 DRAMs (which were in the 64kbit
era, along with the venerable 4164).

Actually it's quite fascinating how the development of better and better
home computers was dictated by DRAM technologies. From 4116 -> 4164 and
from 4164 -> 41256 are the interesting periods ;) Something for a web
page, perhaps?


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