Re: Calc Result Safety Disk

From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-07-22 10:18:30

>Theo sent me the Calc Result Safety Disk to transform it to D64. The disk
>"seems" empty; it says "4139 blocks free". But my regular disks say "4133
>blocks free". The disk is write-protected ie. there is no hole at all. I have
>no tools (except plain BASIC) to inspect the disk.
>1) Does anybody else know Calc Result good enough to tell me what is going
>2) Can anybody help me with tools for a 8032 / 8250 combination?

I've looked at my copy of Calc Result in the past with a view to copying it -
there is a read error somewhere in one of the tracks ( i think it was 71 ?)
and i've a feeling that
when they made the disk they physically damaged it to make it uncopyable .
So when trying to make  any copys of it the drive will not be able to
reproduce the fault - but after saying that i'd be quite happy to be proved
wrong !

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