Mupid (offtopic)

From: Levente Hársfalvi (
Date: 1999-07-21 11:21:15

Hello all!

Yesterday I received something from a friend.

The unit is based on a Z80A + Z80SIO + a 8035 micro with the appropriate
external Eprom + 128K dynamic RAM + a huge lot of stock TTL + CMOS
chips. It has a black (C-16 and plus/4 like colored) case with a German
keyboard keyboard with a numeric keyboard part. The cover says it's a
'Mupid' and it was manufactured in Germany in 1985. It has two RS232
ports, a scart video output, something like a disk i/o connector and

I simply don't have a clue what this unit should be, I've never heard of
such micros. Anybody on the list (preferably, Germans?!...) having any


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