Re: CBM C65 and V364 pages

From: Cameron Kaiser (
Date: 1999-07-16 16:15:24

>>    Anyways, I'd be curious what some of you thought of the workbench 65, and
>> the strange drive that came along with it.
>Actually I've seen pictures of that 1581 prototype before. German 64'er
>magazine did a test of this device, and IIRC they complained that the
>new DOS still can't handle more than 170k per REL file. I never tried
>it, but I think the final 1581 can make full disk REL files by the use
>of the new super side sector. The strange 4 pin mini DIN power connector
>was also disliked very much by 64'er. Don't know if CBM changed it
>because of their complaint in the final design ;-)

Hmm. Could it be the 1563?

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