Re: 64'er (Was: CBM C65 and V364 pages)

From: MagerValp (
Date: 1999-07-16 15:12:45

>>>>> "Nicolas" == Nicolas Welte <> writes:

MV> Also, if there's someone else out there with a lot of 64'er issues,
MV> I'm trying to find an article on how to build an RTC for the c64 --
MV> there's one design in issue 10/89, but there's a different one in
MV> another issue based on an 8-pin IC. If you know which issue this
MV> one appears in I'd be delighted if you could drop me a mail.

Nicolas> Don't know about this, but in the book "Harwarebasteleien für
Nicolas> C64/C128" from Markt&Technik (who also published 64'er)
Nicolas> there's a tape port clock which is basically an I2C interface
Nicolas> and an I2C clock chip (which is probably a very small
Nicolas> package). But no GEOS software for that clock, sorry.

This sounds exactly like the one I saw in 64'er a few days ago. I've
looked through all the Jahresindex and I just can't find it again.
It's quite frustrating :P

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