CBM C65 and V364 pages

From: Bo Zimmerman (bo_at_zimmers.net)
Date: 1999-07-14 02:39:39

   For those who might be interested, I just completed and uploaded some web
pages talking about my pair of
Commodore 65s and the V364.  The C65 page has very little new, except for
the information and pictures related
to my workbench model, which some may find amusing.  The URL to the gallery
is http://www.zimmers.net/cbmpics/index.html.  Just click on the links for
the V364 and 65 which are down in the
page a few lines.

   Anyways, I'd be curious what some of you thought of the workbench 65, and
the strange drive that came along with it.

	Take it easy,
		Bo Zimmerman

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