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From: ken ross (
Date: 1999-07-10 10:29:02

a contact sent me this list of items going spare - any replys to him please
!! - he lives in bournemouth  for anyone wanting to pick up bits from him .
From: "roy hirst" <>
Subject: bournemouth questions

I really have to dispose of all commodore history.
I have probably 3 years icpug magazines, does anybody want them for free,
or must I bin them?
 Plus many of the original instruction books and programs for Comm Basic
Hardware,I will  give away
 All is in perfect condition.
C64.Tape recorder.
1541 drive,
 4040 drive
.Dot matrix printer
Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Business accounts.Home inventory.Label maker.
Geo Two, M/Code tutor.
COBOL Manual.Multisoft assembler
4023 Dot matrix Printer. Brain Box to run on the 64.
I really have to get rid of these, as we will have to clear a lot of goods
to enable us to really move house in the next year.
 it will have to be given away.
. The problem is that it will all have to be collected.

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