Re: Sound Expander schematics

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-07-07 14:23:53

On Wed, 7 Jul 1999, [ISO-8859-1] Marko Mäkelä wrote:

> OK, I created a new subdirectory, /pub/cbm/schematics/cartridges/c64/sfx
> (I thought it would be wise to have a separate directory hierarchy for
> cartridges and moved the CP/M cartridge stuff from schematics/misc to
> another new directory, .../c64/cpm).

Where should the RS232C interface's schematics go? That's a _very_ useful
'cartridge' (well, it's a user port cartridge).

> In other words, you can get Richard's hand-drawn reverse-engineered
> schematic diagrams from
> <URL:>.

Randy, I think you can upload now. Did you find the Sound Editor and any
other SFX software?


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