Sound Expander schematics

From: Richard Atkinson (
Date: 1999-07-02 20:05:52

... are there, in /pub/cbm/incoming/schematics/sfx/ ...

Well actually, just the digital portion, but that's the bit people will be
looking for. I could do the analogue stuff now, or go home in time for my
favourite car boot sale tomorrow... no contest, I'm afraid ;)

One recent discovery I made is that the OPL3 chip does not output digital
sample data in the same format as the OPL2, so the YM3014B and YAC512 D/A
convertor chips are not interchangable. The benefit this brings is that
whereas OPL2 uses a compression system with an 10 bit mantissa and 3 bit
exponent, OPL3 uses proper uncompressed 16 bit sound, so the top of the
range four channel OPL3 Sound Expander will actually sound better than the
original device running the original software.

Some comments about the schematics - yes they are hand-drawn, yes they are
crap and yes the keyboard interface at the bottom is somewhat illegible.
BUT there is nothing stopping anyone else producing a better version and I
don't think anyone really cares about the keyboard interface anyway ;)


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