PET/CBM-II docs on funet

From: Andre Fachat (
Date: 1999-06-23 18:29:47


I have uploaded the CBM documents I have in electronic form to 
iDOC at

This includes the already known PET 8x96 documents (CBM 8296 supplement,
LOS-96 and LOS-KIT manuals) as well as the (German) VC1540/1 manual
and, new:

A (english) CBM 500/600/700 user's guide I got from Holger Busse.
Unfortunately I could not OCR them, so they are there 
as .jpg files only.

A (German) CBM 600/700 manual is still in the works, but this will
be OCRd etc.

Well, just to tell you that they will not be completely gone when
my Web page goes...


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