Re: 901885-04 (fwd)

From: Ruud Baltissen (
Date: 1999-06-22 21:19:42

Hallo allemaal,

> It could be that the FDC processors memory space was exceeded. Itīs
> a 6504 with 8k only I think.
> Otherwise I only know of add-on boards where the 6530 is replaced
> by a 6532, with an EPROM for the 1k ROM missing in the 6532.
I only will write my message in English if you don't mind, Andre :)
The 8250 has two 6502's, so the 8K-limit is no problem. 
You were talking about the 8250, so I presume you're talking about the one with 
the big drives. I gave mine away due to lack of room but I still have the MB of 
one whose drives were damaged by moist during (too) long storage. This one has 
an 901885-04 indeed.

But I also have an 8250LP, with the small drives, and this one has a piggy-back 
print which replaces the original IC. This print contains a 901885-04. a 74LS04 
and a 2736-EPROM. Onboard is also the possebility to choose a 2716.

I hope the above info adds something to the discussion but I merely think I 
only mistify things more.

Groetjes, Ruud

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