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From: Larry Anderson (
Date: 1999-06-21 02:52:40

Andre Fachat wrote:
> Andre Fachat wrote:
> >
> > I am sure there are archivers that make the job easier.
> transfering the files from your PET to the Amiga/Mac side of course.
> Can't you use the Amiga to send the files to the Net?
> Andre
The real bummer about the mac (which is a darn good machine) is there is no
parallel port, all the devices are either mainly serial or SCSI...  Makes it
hard to develop an easy to construct 1541 cable.  The Amiga already has such
hardware and software.

My thought for the Mac would be to make a multi-punter capable terminal for
it...  I wish I had the time to work on such things, but alas, not
presently...  :/

My PET to mac transfers go this way...

Read PET 4040 disks on a 128 w/1541 to a .d64 file
null-modem the files from the 128 to the mac
   (I suggest using Desterm 3, earlier versions may give you troubles)
Zterm on the Mac seems to want to pad the  .D64s - so then a quick run through
with Hexedit to take out the padding.
Then they are ready for FTPing or whatever...  :)

The modeming and making the .d64 are long processes.

As far as the Amiga, if you don't have AmigaDos 2 or better and one of the
commercial PPP/TCP-IP utilities (are there any freeware/shareware yet?) your
'Amiga to internet' access may be a problem.

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