1541 Drive

From: SILVA, Marco (Marco.SILVA_at_eur.crowncork.com)
Date: 1999-06-18 15:22:56

	Hello, Marko

	Sorry to be such a nuissance, but you seem the the person that I can
get some answers from.

	BTW. I'm Marco, Portuguese from Lisbon, working for Crowncork & Seal
( as you can guess by the e-address)

	I have a C64 with a non functional 1541... Also I have about 600+
disks wich I would like to be "ported" to my pc harddisk.

	I have the software from the pc side, I have the cables ready to
make the link. I also have a 5"1/4 pc drive.
	Question (humble): Where can I get a working 1541?, I'm willing to
pay the post & packaging, or is there any software that can emulate a 1541
drive on a pc drive?

	Sorry and Tks in advance,


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